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3 Short Tips for Home Gardening

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Small garden design

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Did your patio sits empty and neglected? Do you have any place to relax with your family?
You can build your living space into the yard by choosing one of the many wonderful patio furniture ideas that are available and you have many options for your small garden design. Many people will decide to design their patio themselves and this is a small Tip for you.

1. Search for it

Check out other patio designs that you like, from your neighbors’garden, maybe at open houses or model homes. Search your favorite search engine for “patio furniture” or “patio design.” Check out the examples provided by the professional landscaping companies. If you are stuck for ideas, try the magazines. See different patios in person and come up with your initial concept.

2. Thinks about function

What do you want from your patio? Normally, most patio have an access from a living room, family room or kitchen. If you want to enjoy your outdoor dining patio, you can have your patio outside the kitchen. The options are only limited by your design and budget.

3. Type of Patio furniture
Considering the local climate when selecting your outdoor patio furniture. Some things you might want to keep in mind is temperature, average rainfall, and potential for causing damage with the assistance of wind or being damaged by the wind are a good start for things to consider. For patio furniture you want to keep out all year, go for heavy timbers such as oak or elm which are durable. Another possibility is lightweight aluminum furniture which you can use outdoors from spring to fall, than store indoors during winter.

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