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  • tiled-shower-bathroom

    Tile Shower Costing

    What is a New Tile Shower Going to Cost Putting a new tile shower will defiantly add beauty to your bathroom. Tile showers are the things that would add value to your home. There are…

  • mirror-bathroom

    Find Sanctuary in a Funky New Bathroom

    Your bathroom should be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the modern world – it’s somewhere where you can switch off your smart phone, dim the lights and sink into a relaxing bubble…

  • Bathroom DIY

    DIY Design: Hints and Tips for a Glamorous DIY Bathroom

    Costly workmen, expensive products: A bathroom renovation can seem like a terrifyingly expensive prospect. However, with a little know how and some canny clicking around, a decadent DIY design can be achieved for a fraction…

  • bathroom mirror

    The Magic of Bathroom Mirrors

    Mirror, mirror on the bathroom wall! Is my morning face boring or is my bathroom really, really small? If you’ve been reflecting about the look of your bathroom lately, maybe you need to consider the…