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Coping with Common Problems on Aluminum Sliding Windows

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The modern world is filled with excitement as well as problems. Offices and even homes today have designs that are very much “creative” to say the least. Aluminum sliding windows are widely used today especially those buildings that were built in the late 90’s; until today architects design homes and buildings with windows made of aluminum. It is truly great to look at but if you think about it, there are lots of maintenance work needed to maintain the elegance and beauty attached with it.

Rust and Dust
When rust and dust hamper your aluminum sliding windows, its movement is limited. Rust is developed when it gets wet because of rain and is immediately dried through the rays of the sun. It is imperative that you regularly check the sill – otherwise known as runners – of the sliding window because that is the very common area where rust and dust stays at. If you see that the runners are soaked in water, it is best to wipe it with cloth to dry it up.

Life Span
Rust and dust contributes to the decreasing of the life span of aluminum sliding windows. In addition to that, if you find areas where it should be repaired, you should do so immediately to avoid making matters worse. For instance, if there’s a loose bolt, you should fasten it as soon as you discover it so that the aluminum window will not be damaged.

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Squeaking Problems
When aluminum windows grow old, they tend to make squeaky noises especially when they are opened and closed frequently. There are a lot of factors that affect this irritating problem. Rust and dust, how long it has been there and some parts that need to be replaced. The two items mentioned earlier have been explained in the preceding paragraphs. One thing that has not been explained is the need of using oil or other liquids to keep the sliding motion smooth. Most of the time, people tend to overlook the need of pouring a good amount of oil on the runners.

These are three problems that people with aluminum sliding windows complain about every month. There might be a person designated to do these things for you but it would be best if you know some DIY maintenance works to do away with the time wasted when waiting for said personnel.

If you are planning to do a makeover at your windows at home or at your office, aluminum sliding windows would be best but bear in mind that you also have responsibilities to keep it smooth, classy and beautiful like the maintenance works mentioned above.


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