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Creating a New Image for Your Home to Increase its Value

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The value of your home is very important, a lot of people are proud of their empire and getting a quote that seems extremely low can make your heart sink. However, when you are having your home valued, there are numerous factors that will be considered that contribute to the final price. These can range from the practical elements of the home, the surrounding areas and the aesthetic elements of your home; these are just three fundamental parts of your home that will alter its value.

Changing the aesthetics of your home can be relatively easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes a home may be stuck with old carpets and wallpaper and just needs a few improvements to bring it up to date, making it modern and consequently increasing its value. Here we give you a few hints, which are sure to make the value of your home rocket.

One of the easiest ways to brighten up any room is to add a fresh coat of paint. Over time, holes may start to appear or stains can start to take presence and adding two coats of fresh paint will automatically alter the look of your room and make it look sleek. Before you start to paint your room, make sure you have filled any hole and sanded any uneven edges, as this will provide you with a finished look.

Updating your staircase, although expensive can be the biggest investment and you don’t have to spend a fortune on everything else. Bespoke staircases can offer a unique and interesting element to any home and can even be made into a feature. There are different designs available and a bespoke staircase designer will be able to advise you on the best ones for your home depending on what you need and the space available.

Redesigning your garden can also add value to your home and can be inexpensive. You don’t have to hire a gardener and with some patience and an eye for detail you will easily be able to liven it up. Simply adding some colourful flowers, getting rid of any weeds and maintaining the lawn can make for a picturesque image when you look out of the window. Not only will it add value to your home but can become the best space when the sun starts to shine.

Writing on behalf of Scala interiors, a dynamic group of bespoke staircase fitters. They can offer interesting designs and great advice for those who wish to create a whole new image in their hallway. With competitive prices and friendly staff, they offer the best service when it comes to bespoke staircases.

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