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Furnishing a Small Master Bedroom

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Small Bedrooms Ideas

Published on May 28, 2013 with No Comments

Okay, so where are my dedicated readers? If you’re a fan of my posts, perhaps you remember the bathroom article written for those of us with very small vanities. The main solution to that issue, as my fans will recall, was to only set out the bare necessities, and store all the rest behind closed doors. When space is scarce, we need to pare down the amount of objects… or furniture… we’re thinking about for a space. Small bedrooms are no different in this aspect of the situation. Think about the absolute necessities you need in a bedroom. Clothes storage, a nightstand, chair or bench, and your bed. The rest would be extras on an -if you can fit them- basis only.

Remember that function is the most important aspect of interior design, especially in space planning, or laying out your floor plan. It seems that when space is limited, homeowners have an awful habit of pushing the bed into the corner of the room. The only thing that achieves is making it near impossible to make the bed without crawling on top of it, wrinkling the once crisp sheets. Place a small 18”x18” nightstand in the corner instead, and push the bed next to it. This allows for some breathing room, and just enough space to get behind the bed to fix the bedding. Pulling furniture away from the wall will create a floating layout, which tends to feel more open. With the nightstand in the corner, you’ve created a place for a reading lamp within your reach too! Place a proportionate piece of art above the table and lamp, or even a small decorative wall mirror, to reflect the light.

This bedroom is small in size, but doesn’t lack anything in style!   This is a rather minimalist approach to the master bedroom, however it looks airy, energetic and clean.  Nothing cramped here!  Keeping a simple color palette is great advice for small rooms, but that does not mean you have to stick to beige and white.  This homeowner does it right with calm olive greens and browns.  The lively orange adds punch and character in just the right dosage.

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