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How Building Information Modelling Can Give You More Savings?

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Business Information Modelling (BIM) is a great way to turn any project from drab to fab, cutting costs, speeding up delivery times and enhancing the efficiency of your processes, whether you’re a designer, architect, engineer or construction worker. Not only can BIM save you money, it can also make the whole design and build of a project much easier and quicker, as the use of one computer model to design a building encourages collaboration between teams of architects and other professionals, who are all working from the same reliable pool of information.

Building Information Modelling

What Can BIM do for me?

Don’t ask what BIM can do for you, instead ask what it can bring to your project! BIM has a number of benefits, and we’ll look at each of these in more detail:

  • Cut project costs and shorten delivery times by around 7%
  • Provide quicker, more accurate cost estimates
  • Allow architects and designers to visualise what impact changes to a building will have
  • Assist in making better decisions when creating ‘green’ buildings
  • Reduce environmental impact

BIM and the Environment

Whether you’re dedicated to reducing your company’s carbon footprint or working for a client who is involved in the environmental sector, everyone stops and listens when you say you’re working with a system that can help to create ‘green’ buildings. But what does this mean, and how can BMI actually help you to create more environmentally friendly buildings? By facilitating a collaborative approach between construction workers, designers, architects and engineers, BIM enables ideas to be shared in an open environment – changes can be made to plans before construction begins and the same pool of information is shared across teams, which means information gathered is more reliable and consistent. This ultimately means that designers can come up with ‘green’ solutions to common building issues, such as improving ventilation, creating more natural light, considering whether alternative energy sources (such as solar panels) are a viable option and improving a building’s energy efficiency, which ultimately keeps costs down for your clients. Using BIM means that the whole design and construction process is smoother – you’re virtually constructing a building twice then building it once, giving you extra time to implement new environmentally friendly initiatives and ideas before the final construction process begins.

BIM and Project Costs

So, how much money could BIM actually save you? A significant amount, actually. Consider how much time is spent reworking design flaws and trying to fix errors and now imagine how much money could be saved if those errors were ironed out before the costly construction process began? Because you can estimate project costs more quickly and more accurately, you’ll spend less time waiting around for clients to approve work, so the design and planning process can begin more quickly. You can also cut unbudgeted change costs by up to 40%, which is a huge amount for any company to be saving!

As you can see, Building Information Modelling can transform your project from a slow-moving, expensive and time consuming affair into an efficient, well-oiled machine that is completed on time and on budget (or under budget), making life easier for you and providing your clients with the high quality service they expect!

Thanks to Mark of for sharing this article. Visit their site if you need some architecture and integrated design services.

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