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Practical and Stylish Tips for Furnishing Your Nursery

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Furnishing a nursery should be an exciting time in your life. It signifies a new baby and a new beginning. The choice of nursery furniture is vast; luckily there is furniture to suit all tastes and budgets. But what do we really need?

A newborn baby needs to eat, sleep and have his or her nappy changed. For the first few weeks or months he or she may well sleep in a Moses basket, or a cot in your room, which is helpful if the nursery is not quite ready!

Moses baskets are practical as the baby can be carried from room to room and they take up little space. Also, the newborn baby may feel more snug and secure inside one.

Once your baby has outgrown the Moses Basket you need to decide whether to opt for a cot or a cot bed. The latter transforms into a bed by taking down the sides, it therefore has a longer life span. The logistics depend on further babies you may have and what their sleeping needs will be.

Other essential nursery furniture you need is a changing area. There are several options, from a changing table, which is a chest of drawers with a changing area on the top, to cot top changers, which fit on top of the bed and are ideal if you are short of space. You may opt for an open dresser, which has open shelving to store changing items. Keep all those changing essentials together in one place: in drawers, on shelves or in storage baskets.

Ideally you will have a chair in the nursery to give you a little comfort when seeing to your baby’s needs during the night. It is hard enough getting up several times in the night, at least give yourself a little luxury!

Good storage can hide a mountain of clutter! Your baby will quickly amass vast quantities of stuff; clothes, blankets, toys, books, and lots of beautiful and noisy presents from friends and family.
Shelving may be good for displaying decorative gifts and is somewhere to put useful items like a baby monitor or nursery temperature gauge. Toys can be stored in baskets or storage boxes and those items that are not required immediately can be kept elsewhere. A wardrobe may contain a good shelving unit inside it; else you may just choose a chest of drawers.

Nursery Furniture
Buying a good quality set of nursery furniture is an investment. You may have more than one child and it will last for years. If it is well maintained it can be kept for your children to use in years to come or it can be sold.

If you are on a budget consider buying second hand items, painting existing furniture and customising it to suit your tastes.

Finally, decorating a nursery is your chance to indulge. You may or may not know the sex of your baby, which could influence your colour scheme. It is advisable not to go overboard on a fairy or teddy bear theme. Babies grow up and tastes change. It is more practical to keep the walls simple and personalise the décor with accessories such as pictures, cushions, stickers and bedding. These are easier to change as tastes change.

Nurture your creative passion, enjoy choosing your nursery furniture and try and find some time to relax in there with your new baby.

Written by Rachel Bradbury at Custard and Crumble who sells a range of stylish nursery furniture for equipping your baby’s nursery.

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