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Top Ten Power Tools to Have In Your Home

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There are a times when you might need to fix a thing or two in the house. This cannot be done without the proper tools as you will only end up making a mess. It is therefore important to have a tool box tucked away somewhere in the house and below are the top ten tools that need to be included in it:

10. Work light

One of the most important tools that you should have is powerful work light. This provides ample illumination if you need to finish off a task at night or even when the lights are gone.

9. Circular saw

This is part of the most important power tools that need to be in the home as it can be used for a number of carpentry projects. ensure you get a good one tat combines power and other features making it easy to operate and maintain.

8. Table saw

This is also another important tool especially for people who are into DIY projects and want to handle complex wood work projects. This is a versatile and safe tool that is essential for making straight and long cuts.

7. Impact driver

This makes it to the list of some of the most important tools because of its combination of rotation of the chuck and hammering action. This means that it eliminates the work of pushing it ahead when using it. This is quite different from the normal drill.

6. Finish nailer

This is a handy piece of equipment when you are working on projects such as cabinet assembly, door frames, moulding and so much more. This will help you drive in any nails that you are working with easily.

5. Wet/dry vacuum

Another example of the top ten powerful tools that you should have in the home is the wet or dry vacuum. This helps clear up any messes that have been made as you go about doing your various projects at home.

4. Reciprocating saw

This is one of the most effective demolition tools. It can be equipped to cut anything. You can get the cordless option or stick to the traditional one.

3. Power sander

Hand sanding is not that comfortable one of the reasons why you need to be in possession of a power sander. This helps to perfect refinishing projects. Get the one with a POREX dust canister used to trap dust which is especially great for individuals with allergies.

2. Compound mitre saw

This is a great tool if you want to take part in redoing the deck, putting up any crown mouldings or seat rails or framing up the walls. You can get the one with the laser option if you to achieve preciseness where you only cut once to get the desired results.

1. Cordless drill

This is one of the most important power tools that you will make use of when handling various projects around the home. Get powerful one that can be used to work on variety of materials and one that will last for a long time without any complications.

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